Under this section, I had originally planned to post a series of interviews with women leaders, whom I have had the opportunity to meet during my travels. I have now decided not to confine my interviews to women leaders but leave it open to include interesting pioneers and leaders particularly in the field of social enterprise.

All interviews posted here are with the permission of those interviewed. I have listed them below in reverse chronological order, with the latest interview first.

  1. Helga Perera, Owner and Creator of Helga’s Folly
  2. Selyna Peiris, Director/ social businesswoman, Selyn
  3. Vrinda Baliga, writer (genre: literary fiction)
  4. Dr. Amanda Kiessel, social entrepreneur/ founder of Good Market
  5. Ellen Eileen Needham, social entrepreneur/ former country director of Emerge Lanka
  6. Cheryl Ka’uhane Lupenui, social businesswoman/ founder of The Leader Project and former chairperson of YWCA in Hawai’i.


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