Weekend in Maui

I had the opportunity to spend five delightful months in Hawai’i, as an Asia Pacific Leadership Program fellow at the East West Centre back in 2012. During my time in Honolulu, a close friend from my undergrad years, who lived in mainland US, made plans to visit me in Hawai’i with her family. She suggested Maui and selected a hotel on the beach.


The highlight was catching up with her and getting to know her twin toddlers better, who were more excited about tent canvases and lamp shades, than the sunset or beach.



We did enjoy short excursions outside the hotel we were staying. Her husband, who was also a batch-mate from undergrad years, had rented a car and we decided to drive along the famous road to Hana. Our stopping points were more dictated by the needs of the toddlers, anticipating whether they needed to run around a bit or get a snack break etc. And, we didn’t go beyond the Garden of Eden, as the kids were quite tired after our walk around the garden.

One of the points we stopped at was the Ho’okipa lookout, where we watched surfers in action.



The Garden of Eden stop was great, because while it was a beautiful garden to explore, it also turned out to be fascinating for the little ones and allowed them to run around as they wished.


Keopuka rock overlook





As we drove back to the hotel, we saw dark clouds on the horizon and anticipated a heavy rain.


However, fortunately for us, back at the hotel, there was hardly any sign of rain clouds and we experienced a beautiful sunset as we had dinner at the restaurant on the beach.


Have you visited this beautiful island? What was your favourite part of your visit or what would you like to explore, if you visit it for the first time?

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28 thoughts on “Weekend in Maui

  1. I went to Maui as a kid and have great memories. We got up at an ungodly hour to see the sunrise from the top of the dormant volcano. And I also remember the Road to Hana. You are so lucky you got to spend 5 months in Hawaii! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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  2. Lucky you, Ahila, to live there for so long! I spent a few days on Oahu once but have never been to Maui. It looks really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles

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    • I agree, Jane. My friend seemed to be able to anticipate very well, when they needed to have space to run around, snacks or nap time, so we didn’t have any tantrums during that weekend.


  3. I have not been to Maui since I was 16! Growing up and living on the West Coast, Hawaii is a perfect holiday destination and we visited Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island. I love the vibe of Hawaii and you were lucky to immerse yourself in it for a nice long time! Thanks for sharing lovely Maui with #FarawayFiles, Aloha Ahila!

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