A Cruise on Lake Geneva

It was seven years ago that I visited Lausanne for a couple of days. I particularly remember the cruise I took from Morges to Lausanne, across the picturesque Lake Geneva. Here is a photo tour of the cruise from Quai Lochmann to the Ouchy waterfront.


Swiss artist Milo Martin’s work “Boy and Girl”, Morges






Water fountain at Ouchy port lakeside gardens


Ouchy waterfront



Lake Geneva is easily one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen to-date.

Which is your favourite lake cruise?

[I am linking this post to City Tripping #61]

Wander Mum

16 thoughts on “A Cruise on Lake Geneva

  1. Lovely – I lived in Evian for 2 years a long time ago. I loved it – the beautiful views and the scenery. I loved walking around the market on the side of the lake. Takes me back! It is still without doubt my favourite lake and one of the most amazing places I have had the privilege of living. #citytripping

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    • How lovely that you had the opportunity to live in Evian for a couple of years. My visit was so brief that I couldn’t explore further but hope to revisit some day and walk around parts of the lake as it was so beautiful.


  2. Lake Geneva and the area around it is so picturesque. I have never done a cruise on it but visited a few places around it, including Lausanne. Great place – thanks for jogging my memory and linking to #citytripping

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    • Glad to hear that the photos brought back lovely memories for you. I didn’t have time to explore other places as my brief stay was focused on catching up with a friend’s family, so this cruise seems to be my biggest memory of the city after my friends 🙂


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