Bath Experiences: Visiting No 1 Royal Crescent

A lovely November morning in Bath, I decided to visit the Royal Crescent. I first stopped at the Bath Bun at the Abbey Green to try out the famous Bath bun, which was created by Dr. Oliver for his patients in 1761.

After having my sugar fix for the day, I made my way over to the Royal Crescent. Admiring the row of terraced houses from the green, I turned to No 1 Royal Crescent, the first of the houses to be built on the row.




No 1 Royal Crescent has had various occupants starting with a wealthy landowner, Mr. Henry Sandford, who lived at the house from 1776 – 1796. At one point in its history, the house was a seminary for young ladies. The Bath Preservation Trust is currently responsible for conserving the house and it is now a house museum decorated and furnished as it would have been during Sandford’s residence at the house.


My tour of the house started in the morning parlour on the ground floor. The parlour had been laid out for breakfast. The residents of the house would have had their breakfast in this room, before having the table folded away to receive callers during the day.


The study was my favourite room in the house. Especially with that telescope, writing desk and large chair, among the many interesting objects in the room. However, if I had visited the house in the 18th century, I would not have been able to see this room because it was the Gentleman’s retreat and according to the museum website “a sanctuary where a cultured Georgian might indulge his interests in science, inventions and the natural world”.



The room on the other side of the ground floor was the formal dining room, which was usually opened when having guests over for dinner.


Climbing the stairs to the first floor, I came across another set of two rooms. I walked into the room above the dining room which was called the ‘Withdrawing room’ where the ladies withdrew after dinner to have tea and play some music on the harpsichord.


Across the floor was the lady’s bedroom, which was decorated in a soothing pastel and floral design.


On the second floor was the Gentleman’s bedroom which had furniture by George Hepplewhite, one of the leading furniture makers of that time.

The best feature of the Gentleman’s bedroom was the lovely view of the Crescent.


Using the stairs, I walked back down to the ground floor and further to the basement area. The kitchen passage lined with jars led to the kitchen and scullery.

It was interesting to see the kitchen equipment and utensils that had been in use. Meat and other perishable food was kept cool in the meat safe in the scullery, which was basically a cupboard away from the heat of the open range stove in the kitchen.

Two other rooms in the basement were the servants’ hall and the housekeeper’s room. Though sparsely furnished, the housekeeper had some privacy while she sorted out the bills and household requirements.


The visit to No 1 Royal Crescent provided a lovely insight to how a wealthy resident in Bath would have lived in the 18th century. The house museum is definitely a must see during one’s visit to Bath.


Disclaimer: The Bath Tourism Office kindly gave me a complimentary pass to Bath and regional attractions, for the purpose of this post. This pass allowed me free entry to No 1 Royal Crescent. All opinions are my own and I only recommend experiences I have enjoyed.

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41 thoughts on “Bath Experiences: Visiting No 1 Royal Crescent

  1. I love kinds these period houses and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t know about this one when I visited Bath a few years ago! Oh well, I guess I know for next time now. Your pictures are gorgeous though, so I almost feel like I’ve been. #citytripping

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  2. I’ve had the chance to visit London a few times but we haven’t made it out to Bath. I’ve heard so many things about it and love your photos of the decor in the Royal Crescent. I’d so love to sit and have tea from that pretty service!! I’m sure the food would taste wonderful as it is just so pretty! The kids are chomping at the bit to get to England and hopefully we’ll be there soon. We love traveling with the kids and showing them the world!

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    • The Royal Crescent was one of my favourites in Bath. After visiting the house at No 1, I had initially planned to visit the Dower House restaurant at the Royal Crescent hotel but opted not to, after visiting the Bath Bun tearooms.


    • I agree. I think the museum authorities have done a great job furnishing the house with authentic furniture from the late 18th century and maintaining it very well.


    • Yes, that sign drew me as well 🙂 Bath does have lots of lovely cafes and restaurants, doesn’t it? I had made a list of places I might want to try out and managed to try some of them and the ones I tried met my expectations.


  3. I used to work in Bath, but never went inside any of the Royal Crescent houses. I’m impressed at how well preserved no. 1 is inside. It really is a beautiful place – I’d have loved to live there! #citytripping

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  4. Of course, the men get all the fancy science equipment while the women are encouraged to drink tea. *sigh* At least the men had to climb one floor higher to sleep! 😉

    This house looks lovely and like it was a lot of fun to explore. I’d love to see it at some point in the future!

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  5. Bath is one of those places which I’ve always wanted to visit but never got around to (and I live in West London!!) Your photos are wonderful, what amazing weather you had! Reading this post has made me resolve to visit in 2017!! #citytripping

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  6. How lovely. I love Bath and the Royal Cresent was one of my favorite stops. I did not know you could tour one of the building – definitely adding that to my list for future visits. This post just took me back to the city. #citytripping #farawayfiles

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    • Glad to hear that the post brought back lovely memories of your visit to Bath. And, do certainly visit No 1 Royal Crescent next time, as it is a special experience.


  7. I loved visiting inside Number One Royal Crescent on our last trip to Bath, Ahila. It was fascinating seeing the life both upstairs and downstairs of an 18th-century household. I loved his study too – all those fascinating instruments and books! My kids loved dressing up in all the clothes in the dressing up box in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this on #FarawayFiles

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  8. How interesting! I have been to Bath a few times but never visited this museum! I am definitely planning to visit the next time I am there as I love this sort of thing! #farawayfiles

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  9. Love this! I’ve never actually heard about anything in Bath besides the Roman baths and a bit about Jane Austen, but this looks like a great place to spend some time! I’ll definitely have to add it to my list for when I visit Bath 🙂 #farawayfiles

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