A day trip from Rotterdam

While visiting my childhood and family friend in Rotterdam in 2010, we took a day trip to visit The Hague and Delft. While we walked around both cities a lot, I think our conversation had most of my attention that I only took a few photos. This post is a photo tour of few of the places we passed by in our walk.


Statue in front of Noordeinde palace, The Hague


The Binnenhof, next to Hofvijver lake, The Hague


Inner Court and Hall of the Knights (Binnenhof), The Hague


City Hall, Delft


Niuwe Kerk, Delft


Mausoleum of William of Orange inside Nieuwe Kerk


Being introduced to poffertjes – the Dutch batter treat, Delft market square

I remember that I particularly enjoyed walking around the  narrow cobbled paths and tiny bridges over canals in the little city of Delft, despite the rain.

Which is your favourite city in the Netherlands, from your past or future planned visits?

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10 thoughts on “A day trip from Rotterdam

  1. I have only been to Amsterdam so I really need to explore the Netherlands more. I really like the architecture you show in your pictures. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard!

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  2. We visited Rotterdam on a cruise last year. It gave us a taster of a city we would like to return one day. We have not been to The Hague or Delft but the Netherlands is somewhere we would like to explore and not too far from home.#TheWeeklyPostcard

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  3. I love reading your posts because somehow you always write about places I’ve never visited. The Netherlands has been on my ‘bucket list’ for a while, but still didn’t find time to visit it. I would love to explore Rotterdam, Hague and Delft, but if I were to start somewhere it would probably be Amsterdam.#TheWeeklyPostcard

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    • Thank you, Anda. Glad to hear that. I agree I would start with Amsterdam as well but from my brief visit, I felt that the Netherlands was a country I would like to explore further, particularly away from the main cities.


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