A canal cruise in Amsterdam

What would you do if you had a couple of hours in Amsterdam? I once found myself in this city, for a few hours, on my way to visit friends in Rotterdam. I chose to visit the Van Gogh museum and then take a canal cruise.

Amsterdam Central Station.JPG

Amsterdam central station

Not only do I love going on boats and never miss an opportunity to go on a boat trip in most places I visit, I simply had to take a canal cruise within the 17th century canal ring area, a site under the UNESCO heritage list. This post is a photo tour of things that caught my eye during the cruise.












Hope you enjoyed the photo journey of my canal cruise in Amsterdam! The next time I visit Amsterdam, I would love to stay a few days in a houseboat.

So, what would you do if you had a couple of hours in Amsterdam?

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19 thoughts on “A canal cruise in Amsterdam

  1. I went on a canal cruise too, definitely think it is a must! I would love to stay on a houseboat the next time I am there too. Oh and also I still need to visit the Van Gogh Museum! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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    • A canal cruise is certainly a must in Amsterdam. Glad you enjoyed it too. I have been reading about people’s wonderful experiences on a houseboat in Amsterdam that I really want to stay on one, if I ever revisit the city.

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  2. Great choice, Ahila! Both the Van Gogh museum and the canal cruise in Amsterdam are a great way to get a feel of this great city. I would have done the same thing if I had only a few hours there, but I hope to have more than that when I go.

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    • Thank you, Anda. A few hours was too short a time but enjoyed my time in Amsterdam as it was. However, I certainly want to spend a few days in the city if I revisit.


  3. I also can’t resist a boat trip. I’m going to Amsterdam in a November and I’m sure I’ll find myself on the water. I actually didn’t know old Amsterdam was UNESCO; makes perfect sense of course, but I’d never realised. Wow staying in a houseboat would be amazing: great idea and another for my list!

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    • How lovely that you will be going to Amsterdam in November. It might be a bit cold for the canal cruise but I am sure it will be an amazing experience as well. I will be taking the boat trip in Cardiff this November, despite the cold πŸ™‚

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