Launching travel article app with GPSmyCity

There have been times during my travels when I have been frustrated, because I wasn’t able to access interesting travel articles that I had bookmarked, when I needed to. This was mainly because I did not want to incur a hefty phone bill, while using my phone on roaming mode. There have been times also when I have been in a city where the internet was quite sketchy or where places with free WiFi were limited. So, it was with a lot of interest that I read about GPSmyCity‘s new feature – the travel article apps. This feature allows me to freely access travel articles, from the site, on my iphone and save them for offline use. The feature also enables access to an offline city map and GPS navigation linked to the article, when you upgrade for a small fee. This is definitely something that I find very useful.

Image Source: GPSmyCity

I am delighted to announce that I will be participating in this exciting initiative and some of my blog articles will also be available on GPSmyCity from August 1st 2016. To celebrate the launch of my travel article app, we are offering an App giveaway for a limited time duration. Please download the GPSmyCity app first to access the giveaway. After you launch the downloaded GPSmyCity app, you will be able to upgrade to the travel article’s full features.

From August 1st to 7th, you will be able to freely download the upgraded app of my article: Special Six: London TheatresDo try it out and let me know about your experience.

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