Kataragama Festival

One of my friends, Nancy Yang, was traveling around the south coast of Sri Lanka when she read my blog post on the place of convergence this month and decided to visit Kataragama/ Kathirgamam. As she was visiting the place during the annual festival season, I invited her to guest post her festival experience. This post is Nancy’s series of photos on her experience of the Kataragama festival.

Kataragama_Nancy 1.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 4.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 7.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 8.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 10.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 11.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 12.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 13.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 17.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 20.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 23.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 24.JPG

Kataragama_Nancy 25.JPG

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