Mary Kom

It is not often that I am inspired to write about a Hindi movie that I had just watched. So, bear with me when I write out this post. The movie that I am talking about is Omung Kumar’s movie Mary Kom (2014) – based on the story of Indian boxer, Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom or M.C. Mary Kom, five time world amateur boxing champion. The real life Mary Kom has been awarded the Padma Shree (2010) and Padma Bhushan (2013) awards by the Indian government.


Source: IMDb (click image to go to site)

I am hardly a sports enthusiast and whatever little sports I watch, it is definitely not boxing. Therefore, I had not heard of Mary Kom before watching this movie. While some scenes feel as if they have been inserted to give a Bollywood touch to the story, the powerful message of the real life story of Mary Kom is retained. Despite her father’s opposition and her family’s poverty, she does not let go of her dream and works hard to become a boxer. If her story had stopped at her achieving the world championship, it would not have moved me so much. However, I find the movie inspirational because Mary Kom gets married, has kids and then decides to return to boxing with the full support and encouragement of her husband. The movie makers emphasize the support that her husband and her parents give her after her marriage so that she is able to return to her training. Therein lies my fascination with the movie. Not just the fact that Mary Kom won gold in two more world championships following her return to boxing and a bronze in the London Olympics. Good work, Priyanka Chopra, for taking on this role and portraying it effectively!

Family support is very crucial for everyone and particularly more so, for women who reach out to break the glass ceiling. I feel this movie needs to be watched by everyone and especially by men and women in South Asia.

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